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The O'Bannon Terror

The O’Bannon Terror is a family-owned and operated Haunted House in Cass County, Missouri.  For nearly a decade, The O'Bannon Terror has benefited the Missouri Mighty Piranha Volleyball Club while doling out scares that have the internet aflame with praise. 

Join owners Brent & Jenny as they teach the ins-and-outs, hows-and-whys, and do's-and-don't's of creating a haunted attraction from the ground up. 


William Bove

Andy Bove, who goes by  his middle name for daily life and his first name, William, as a writer, is an author of  Gothic Horror and  Romance who is bringing back the spirit of  those penny dreadfuls of old.


Literature of the mysterious, grotesque, and desolate featuring love , romance, death, and elements of the natural and the supernatural is his calling card.

Author of  'Once Upon A Grave' and contributing author to the anthologies 'Season of the Witch' and 'Autumn Burning: Deadtime Stories for the Wicked Soul' .


 In addition to his work in novels, he is also a contributor to Phantasmagoria Magazine and a boon to have speaking at Kreepfest!


John Hart

John Hart has been a Kansas City haunter for half a decade, but his haunt experience stretches back for even longer. 

The proprietor of Ghastly Manor in Leavenworth, Kansas, John has created props and decor to fill his yard and home haunt with chills and thrills galore. 

John also acts as the administrator of KC Home Haunters, an organization  for home haunters, prop builders and Halloween enthusiasts in the Kansas city area.




CandyMom, aka Sondra Levy, has been one of the most important supporters of Kreepfest for 20 years.

She's a natural ham, but it's her way with food and food presentation that has made her infamous.  This year she's turned her talents to potions.  She'll be showing you a dungeon lab's worth of ways to mix up a little fun in your cauldron for both your haunt and your Halloween parties.  Potable and not, spooky and spiked, you'll be gagging over these awesome vials of mystery!



Eviliz attended her first Kreepfest in 2004 and promptly asked to help run it.  A decade later, she's still not learned her lesson.

A woman of weird dichotomy, Eviliz has anxiety about parties, yet plans them for fun.  She is married and has two grown children and one grandchild but counts her family in the hundreds of fellow Halloween fans.  She loves playing devil's advocate and making lemonade from lemons when she can. 

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