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Where Is It?

Kreepfest is held aprox. 35 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri in the town of Harrisonville, MO. 

How Much?

Nothing!   Kreepfest is free to the public, and that means YOU!   The only costs are whatever you want to spend on shopping and if you want to buy make-and-take kits on Sunday.   Naturally,  both are completely voluntary. 


Who can attend?


Answer a few questions . . .

  • Do you like Halloween?

  • Do you enjoy Haunted Houses?

  • Do you want to learn about making cool stuff to creep up your holiday display?

  • Do you have a craving to hang out with people as crazy about Halloween as you are and maybe win some prizes while you do it?

If you answered yes to any of the above,  Kreepfest is for you!  It is a little scary at times, so know your children's taste for spooky stuff.  It's not as scary as a Spirit Halloween store.  Zombie Prom, however, allows drinking, so children may attend with you provided you keep an eye on them.  


How do I sign up?

Before June 1, you can use the button below or click the 'pre-registration' link above.  Tell us a few things, hit 'enter', and POOF! you're pre-registered.  All those who do are entered for a special prize valued at over 150 dollars!  After June 1, you can't pre-register, but you can still click the link and let me know you're coming to help with headcount. 

Preregister Here

Do you have vendors?

Unlike a trade show, there are very few vendors at Kreepfest. A select handful of folks are on hand to peddle their spooky wares but it's more like a farmer's market than a trade show

I want to help.  How?

Great!  The easiest way to show Kreepfest love is to talk about us!  Tell your friends!  Share a tweet!  Like a post!  The more folk know about us the more friends we can share Kreepfest with.  Supposing, though that you want to do more.  In that case, for a personal option, why not join The Loyal Order of Kreeps & Zombabes  and volunteer?   How?  HERE'S HOW

Maybe you're speaking as a haunt-related business though.  In that case, you can go HERE to learn how to become a Supporter or Sponsor of Kreepfest and what that entails.   Either way, your generosity is amazing and appreciated.

My Question Isn't Here.  How Do I Contact Someone To Answer It?

You can reach someone by sending an email to

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