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Kreepfest is back and better than ever! Established in 2002 by James Arnone, this spooky celebration has grew from a small gathering in a Northland park to a full-fledged convention with guests from all over the Midwest and beyond.

As the 2015 event came to a close, preparations were made for 2016.  Then came the deluge.  Literally.

Our host convention center was flooded not once, not twice, but three times!  Money issues arose and then, just as the sun began to show, Covid-19 struck!  After facing these unexpected challenges, we persevered and are thrilled to announce the spooktacular return of Kreepfest in 2024!

Join us as we step into the next chapter of unforgettable adventures, filled with excitement and enjoyment. From guest speakers and prop-making demos to games, prizes, zombie prom, and make-and-take projects, Kreepfest has something for everyone. 

Kreepfest is more akin to a family reunion than a trade show.  You won't find a huge vendor floor with wild props to fill your haunt with ( If you're looking for that, I recommend Transworld, Texas Haunter's Convention, or HAuNTCon).  What you will find is a group of fun Halloween-loving people who gather to have fun and learn a few new tricks before heading into the haunt season with both feet.  It's a great way to network and make friends with the kind of people who understand your Halloween obsession.  There's fun and games, prizes and silly stuff, interesting demonstrations and guest speakers, a gathering of ghostly partygoers shaking their spectral tailfeathers, a make-and-take brunch where you can create a prop to get your haunt started ... we love it.  We think you will too. 

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