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Welcome to Pre-Registration! 


By pre-registering you're signing up for all the special things that come with being kind enough to let us know you're coming!  What sorts of things?  Well...

  • A 'Welcome to Kreepfest' bag will be reserved in your name.  This bag contains swag and goodies only available to those who pre-register before June 1st, 2024.*

  • A monthly update email to keep you in the loop of all news.  Just once a month. Your email won't be sold or spammed.

  • Personalized Kreepfest badges for everyone in your group.*

* Tyvek wristbands will be provided for the Zombie Prom that designates whether a person is of legal drinking age or not.  These wristbands will be included in your welcome bag with the badges. 

Your welcome bag will be personalized a bit depending on your group's makeup  ( A single adult won't need the same goodies as a family with two kids under 6 ... you get the idea)


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