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2024 Design

Sizes small - 5x

Pre-order for volunteers - $12

At the door / non-volunteers - $17

The Loyal Order of Kreeps & Zombabes was established in the early aughts to bring a feeling of camaraderie and recognition to the volunteers of Kreefest.  The folks who we called on to do a demo, to bring ice, to help sweep up, to work the registration for a bit.  It is still that today.

Every other month a Kreep or Zombabe could look forward to a special treat in their mailbox and a special tee shirt designed for them every year. That's the same too!  So what's different?

Well, times do have a way of changing and so change (a bit) it has.  First thing we changed was to bring the Kreeps & Zombabes together.  No reason to make it a guy/gal thing.  So The Loyal Order of Kreeps & Zombabes is now a unisex organization.  


Well, let's discuss what that'll mean. 


Firstly, to get it out of the way, you have to volunteer.  Whether that's bringing water or helping clean up or any of the myriad things we need our Kreeps & Zombabes to help with, you just have to pick something and do it.   If you do that, and you've signed up to be a member, then you can look forward to. . . 

  • A discount on the 2024 Loyal Order of Kreeps & Zombabes tee shirt (Shown at left)

  • At least 6 special shipments per year.  This may range from personal gifts to advertising materials to spread around your area for promotion.

  • A voice in decisions about Kreepfest and what next year's will entail. 

  • Our never-ending thanks and appreciation

If you join, then we're going to ask you to, you know... HELP US!  By joining the Loyal Order of Kreeps & Zombabes, you are saying you want to help Kreepfest succeed, to spread the word, to keep this spooky train on the track.  Even sharing posts on social media is a big help.  If you can see yourself doing that, then you're ready to join!

Volunteer with Us
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Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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