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Sponsors / Supporters

As Kreepfest does not charge for entry, (allowing anyone who loves Halloween to attend), it is our sponsors and supporters that ensure those guests have prizes and swag as well as exposure to the myriad wonderful businesses that cater to our Haunter Hearts.

  • Supporters are defined as someone whose donation benefits themselves more than attendees.  (Catalogs, pens, business cards, other advertising, etc..)

  • Supporters will have their names listed on the Kreepfest website with a link to their Facebook page or website as they choose.

  • Supporters' advertising items will be included in the welcome bag given to attendees.  (100 bags at least) at our welcome table.



  • Sponsors are defined as someone who gives a donation that benefits guests more than themselves.  (Products to be used for prizes, monetary donations, discount coupons, free passes, etc.)

  • Sponsors will have their business logo displayed and linked to their website or Facebook page. 

  • Sponsors who act by May 11, 2024 will also be listed on the 'sponsored by' poster displayed prominently at Kreepfest

  • They will also be added to all flyers used to advertise Kreepfest. 

  • Sponsors will also be advertised on  Kreepfest's social media accounts as the event date grows nearer. 

  • Sponsors are also welcome to send advertising materials to be put in the welcome bags, same as the Supporter tier.

Supporter example  - 

Sponsor example - 

Halloween Business of Awesome Stuff

 (links to their Facebook page)


 ( Links to their business page, logo used on the Sponsor page, Kreepfest's socials, flyers for the advertising, & banner at Kreepfest itself. )

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